Hi it is me again, Maxine. I am sorry but I just had to share this wonderful Monster High pic!!

It is the promo pic of the Mad Science Lab Partners Cleo and Ghoulia

These dolls were first seen in a leaked photo taken at the Toy fair.

Cleo and Ghoulia Monster High Lab Partners - view at Toy Fair


But here we finally get a promo pic!! And Look at those lab Coats!! they are to die for!! Don’t get me started on the fact that it Looks like Cleo doesn’t have any tinsel in her hair!! Praise the Monster High Gods!! and is that a hint of purple i see in her hair?? This is a good sign that they will be hitting the stores very soon.

Cleo and Ghoulia - lab partners - Monster High Cleo and Ghoulia - lab partners - Monster High


Namibia is a very beautiful country located to the northwest of South Africa. Its vast Namibia pinpointed on a map of Africalandscapes and magnificent scenery has captured many visitors’ hearts by storm. Here, one has the opportunity to experience Africa at its best. Interested in wildlife? Namibia boasts a great variety of animal life including the Big Five. Are landscapes and sceneries more your thing? An abundance of breath-taking experiences are guaranteed on a trip to this country.

The old hymn called the “Südwester Lied” captures the beauty of Namibia successfully. I will add this hymn at some other point and offer a translation from the German for better understanding.

Over the next couple of months I will add a new section on Namibia every two or three days. These will include history, travelling, general information, news, local attractions, historical heritage sites, the neighbouring countries and accommodation options, etc.

Here are a few facts about Namibia to get you interested.

Namibia, formerly known as German Southwest Africa and Southwest Africa, is a country located to the north of South Africa.

Join me in this journey through my beautiful home country and let me mesmerize you.


Hi this is Maxine. I am hijacking Michael’s Blog for a quick doll review. First off I Love dolls, Monster high dolls in particular.

I recently got a signature Rochelle Goyle doll and she is so stunning I had to share it with everyone.

Rochelle Goyle is the Daughter of the Gargoyle. She is a French Character in the Monster high webisodes. This is her Bio: http://www.monsterhigh.com/bios/rochelle

OK, down to business. That is why you are here right? To read the awesome review of the très magnifique Rochelle Goyle. And here she is:

Monster High Dolls - Rochelle Goyle - Berrydolls

Isn’t she a beautiful doll? Here you can see a full body picture of her. She comes with a black stand and hair brush (I didn’t take pictures of them) her purse and her cute little pet gargoyle griffin, Roux.

She has pink hair with blue streaks in it, large pink eyes with pink lipstick. Her skin is unusual. It is grey with darker grey spots in it to give it that stone effect. I first thought it was painted on but it is actually mixed into the plastic somehow. I don’t care how they did it, it looks great!! The “spots” make every Rochelle Goyle unique as no spot will be in the same place for every doll.

Monster High - Rochelle Goyle close-up - Berrydolls

Ok let’s get into some detail. First off I must point out: Her shoes are AMAZING!! I want those in my size!!

Monster High - Rochelle Goyle | Shoes & Socks - Berrydolls

Look at them!! They are stunning!! The pink calf high socks just complete the look. Well done to Mattel for actually adding a Ribbon on the hem, it gives it a nice finished look.

Her ears are on the top of her head, like most gargoyles. Here you can see a Picture of her earring and head band. On the other side of her head she is wearing a different earring. That seems to be the trend nowadays.

Monster High - Rochelle Goyle Left Earring - Berrydolls

Here is a picture of the other earring as you can see it is closer to the ear and is a slightly different symbol.

Monster High - Rochelle Goyle Right Earring - Berrydolls

OK let’s take a look at her outfit. According to her Bio her “Killer Style” is to mix rot iron and stained glass together. Her top is very cute, very French. I always imagine French people in striped tops…I don’t know why. Here you can also see a picture of her necklace.

Monster High - Rochelle Goyle Striped Top - Berrydolls

Her skirt is beautiful. It is made of a “velvet” material and has silver detailing on it. Paying homage to her French heritage the Fleur de lis is printed on it. In this picture you can also see her bracelet. Unlike Barbie her bracelet does not have a gap in it to take it off. In order to take it off you have to take her hand off. Don’t worry it won’t break her, Monster High dolls are designed for the hands and lower arms to be removed for easy dressing.

Monster High - Rochelle Goyle Skirt (Fleur de lis) and detailed hands (nails) - Berrydolls

Her hands are detailed with nails as well which is a nice touch.

Her wings are removable; they come unattached in the box. They are also finely detailed.

Monster High - Rochelle Goyle wings (detachable) - Berrydolls

Her bag is super cute!! It also has a Fleur de lis on it and it opens like a real bag!! Nice touch Mattel!! No wonder Monster High is out shining Barbie!!

Monster High - Rochelle Goyle handbag (can be opened) - Berrydolls

Roux is a sweetie!! This little Griffin gargoyle is so cute!! She has purple eyes and she also has the stone effect plastic but it is soft bendable plastic. It would have been nice if they had made her out of a harder plastic though since she is made of stone. Mattel dropped the ball on that one.

Monster High - Rochelle Goyle's pet "Roux" - Berrydolls

Overall this doll is stunning in all ways. The only problem I have with her is that mine has glue seepage.

From what I understand glue seepage is a manufacturing flaw. It happens when the factory fills the head with too much glue and it does not cure properly. The soft glue starts seeping through the hair plugs making the hair sticky to the touch. It also gives the hair a look like it hasn’t been washed in ages.

I know it sound gross but it is fixable. Tea tree oil is the fix. Wash your dolls hair with tea tree oil and the glue problem will be over, well that is what I have heard. I am trying it out now. I am just waiting for her hair to dry.

Otherwise all in all she is a stunning doll and I would recommend her to anyone.

Rochelle Goyle

Monster High - Rochelle Goyle - Berrydolls


I don’t know about you, but I enjoy playing a fun small online game every now and again.

Be it on the PC, the laptop, the tablet or the smart phone, every now and again one wants to submerge oneself into an atmosphere of imaginary characters and out-of-the-box ideas.

Not everyone has the opportunity (or time) to play one of the big games that one can buy in the shops.

You might just want to quickly play a puzzle game for 5 minutes or even shot some strange walking creatures for 10 minutes. Anything to take your mind off of your job or current task. Something to shut down with for a few minutes a day.

Well, have you ever played Plants vs Zombies? Zuma Deluxe? Bejeweled 2? Strange Cases – The Lighthouse Mystery? These are all very fun little Online Games which you can indulge in. And there are many many more of these.

Create your account today and start playing some really awesome games.

Visit the Big Fish Games Homepage and find what you are interested in today.

Samsung Note 10.1


I am so super excited. Why?

Because I have been waiting to receive my tablet for quite a while now.

I have a desktop and a laptop at home and so far they have helped me in designing websites.

What I mean, I make use of various screen sizes to test my designs and development on.

Now, with the growing dependency on tablets and the release of Windows 8 it is essential for me to start creating websites which can also be easily accessed on tablets and even smart phones. Yes, even Blackberry.

So, I have gone ahead and ordered myself the Samsung Note 10.1 tablet. The grey one.

Now you probably ask why I chose that specific tablet and not for instance an iPad, a Nexus or a Samsung Tab 2. Five Words: “Stylus Pen and Photoshop Touch” plus it has an amazing processor.

Yes, I do know that the iPad has a much sturdier casing and in general the display is much clearer and the resolution is better and blah blah blah. The iPad does not have Android and therefore it is as useful to me as nipples on a breastplates. :-)

Just kidding, I just find it easier for me to interconnect all my Android devices and my Xbox.

The new Nexus is not easily available in South Africa and the Samsung Tab 2 did not tickle my fancy too much.

As my first tablet, I think I made a good decision in ordering the Note 10.1. And yes, I do know that the new Note 2 10.1 is probably going to be announced soon, but let me tell you how behind South Africa is in the technological world. The Samsung Note 10.1 has only recently been released here as a NEW device. And it has been released when last year? August?

So I am not waiting another year to get myself a tablet. :-)

Anyway, with this new acquisition I will be able to show new clients what I designed, make sure the new design also works well on a tablet and make quick changes to designs as the client talks about it. What more do I want?

Today is the day…………

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